History Fair Visual Presentation Requirements

History Fair Visual Presentation Requirements

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Project Exhibit Elements

Thesis Statement:The thesis statement is that sentence or two in your text that contains the focus of your essay and tells your reader what the essay is going to be about.

Project / Paper Summery: A 2-3 paragraph summery of your topic of study. This should give the reader a good idea of what your project is about even if you are not present at the board. (this can be…

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Ancient Rome Reading Due Dates – - Update Your Homework Log

Ancient Rome Reading Due Dates – – Update Your Homework Log

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get it?

Readings Notes & Due Dates

Below you will find a list of readings and due dates. Remember that the readings will be due for block 2 & 3 on Mondays and block 1 on Tuesdays. We will have other assignments during this period. (Get ready to ACT!)

  • Week of April 7th: 6.1 – The Roman Republic p. 155-159
  • Week of April 14th: 6.2 – The Roman Empire p. 160-165
  • Week of April 21st: 6.3 – The Rise of…

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Links to the Text Online - - Units 1-7

Links to the Text Online – - Units 1-7

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 12.00.34 PMI have had a request to post links to the readings on the blog. Some students have lost various sections of the readings required to complete their history portfolios. Other students would like to use the readings to research their History Fair topic choice. The readings should only be a starting point for the individual History Fair projects. You will be asked to save the PDF file when you click…

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Reminder: Final Project Due March 27th

Reminder: Final Project Due March 27th

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Reminder: Final Project Due March 27th

All final projects are due Thursday March 27th by 3pm. (before spring break)  If your group is creating a digital file (iMovie, MP3) I will need that file on the 27th. You must also submit your group packet with all reflection questions answered. This project will be on your 3rd quarter grade report.

Block III will have a full block on Monday due to the…

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Dominic’s Large History Group Project - - Due March 27th

Dominic’s Large History Group Project – - Due March 27th

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Classical Greece Large Group Project

- – Cultures of the Mountains & Sea – - Warring City-States – - Democracy & Golden Age – -

- – Alexander’s Empire – - Hellenistic Culture – -

In Class Work & Due Dates:




30 min (Plan)

30 min (Work)

Progress Report 1 

100 min (work)

Draft / Sketch

100 min (work)

Progress Report 2

Block III





Block II


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Synergy Wolf Hoodies Avalible for Sale!

Synergy Wolf Hoodies Avalible for Sale!

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This hoodie was designed by Middle School students int he Micro-Economics Elective. The hoodie is now available for purchase on ETSY. The graphic featured on the hoodie was a collaborative effort involving market research. The graphic has been featured on Synergy’s Basketball and Futsol uniforms.

This is a pre-order item. We are opening up sales for the…

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